Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Congratulations to the Winners and Finalists of the IPA Street Photography Asia Award 2013 !  It is exciting to see so many Indian photographers AND Indian images celebrated! At Pondy ART we hope those images TAKEN  ON THE STREET by photographers will somehow get SHOWN ON THE STREET, so everyone, including the subjects, get a chance to see that the ordinary can also be considered extraordinary. … Continue reading Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Photography – Still making a change

25 Years of Visa Pour l’Image – A Tribute to Jean Francois Leroy Interview by Anne-Celine Jaeger There has always been a debate about whether or not an image can make a change. What’s a realistic assessment of photography’s value today? If I was not deeply optimistic, I would have left Perpignan years ago. I’m still fighting because I’m convinced there is something to be … Continue reading Photography – Still making a change

Recognize the Effort…

  To read this article in full: The Indian newspapers are giving a lot of coverage to photographers these days.  The Hindu often has a full page photo essay on Sundays, and an article or two regularly.  Indian Express and the Deccan Chronicle often showcase work in their daily and weekly inserts.  It is important for documentary photographers to be recognized for their dedicated … Continue reading Recognize the Effort…

Art for Everyone

“Art can be used as a tool, can change someone’s mind, can encourage great dialog, get you to notice something you may have otherwise missed– the possibilities are endless. As an artist I believe it is my job to create a world where art is accessible to anyone and everyone. Art is not for the few and the privileged. It is for those who have … Continue reading Art for Everyone

Getting Art OUT THERE!

“In our cities, we hardly have any public art.  Appreciating the need for the same, we saw this as an opportunity to integrate art in a public place.  Generally art works are either installed in private homes, in hotels or in museums; all places that are non-inclusive…we wanted the public  at large to interact and appreciate Art.”    Vijay Choraria   Deccan Chronicle 17 Feb … Continue reading Getting Art OUT THERE!

Accessible Art

Senior Artist Ramesh Vedambatia, understands the risks of art becoming exclusive.  But he offers a solution. “Unfortunately, art has become exclusive.   A common man hesitates to walk into a gallery.  We need more public spaces with art that is accessible to everyone, especially the young.” Pondy ART is doing exactly that.  Please support our efforts to use public venues to build social awareness … Continue reading Accessible Art