The First Tipping Point …

Once a week we will pass on a few pointers from the professionals! This week in preparation for Yannick Cormier’s upcoming workshop, “Access, Observation, and the Documentary Image”  ( we offer suggestions by Documentary Photographer,  JONAS BENDIKSEN represented by Magnum Photos. 1. Find photographic topics you feel truly passionate about. 2. Put in the time, even if there’s no assignment. Profound photographic work only comes with … Continue reading The First Tipping Point …

Pondy ART Helps Form Photographers

Photo Credit:  Pascal Reynaud Next weekend Pondy ART, in collaboration with Documentary Photographer, Yannick Cormier, will offer “Access, Observation and the Documentary Image”  a 4 day Documentary Photography Workshop in Pondicherry. The sessions spread over the weekends of 28-29 September and 5-6 October will cover how to hunt down those feature images, improve street and portrait photography, and review current industry trends.  Students will create … Continue reading Pondy ART Helps Form Photographers

Meeting of the Minds

This past weekend, Pondy ART hosted an incredibly successful “Shooting Angles” at Maison Rose, Pondicherry.  Imagine 9 professional photographers (two were absent due to illness and assignments) in the same place with forty more photography lovers, amateurs and local professionals sharing ideas, discussing the latest in technology, and reviewing the evolution of the art, the equipment and the processing methods and software. Mr. Robi Ganguli, … Continue reading Meeting of the Minds

Art is Moving : INTERVIEW with Kasha Vande, Pondy ART

Published Today by ART IS MOVING What is Pondy Art? Pondy ART is a not for profit organization in Pondicherry, South India that takes fine art photography directly to the public using public venues, like walls on the the main thoroughfares, as exhibition space.  Art is for everyone and often unfortunately it becomes exclusive when it is kept in galleries or private spaces.   We … Continue reading Art is Moving : INTERVIEW with Kasha Vande, Pondy ART


Originally posted on Building Awareness :
On the 15th of September something very special is happening with PONDY ART in Pondicherry.  10 Incredible photographers are getting together to meet YOU! Come to Maison Rose between 11 am and 12:30 pm and ask the professionals what they do, how they do it and what their personal goals are with photography.   These guys are the real thing.… Continue reading “Shooting Angles” – A VERY SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY

Robi Ganguli – A Wide Angle

“Soaring High” 1954 Mr. Robi Ganguli, Photographer, will be Pondy ART’s Honored Guest at this week’s “Shooting Angles.”  It is a great honor to have Mr. Ganguli present at this event where 10 professional photographers coming from across India, and, from another generation will meet the public in an informal reception. Pondy ART is not the first to focus on photography in Pondicherry.  Mr. Ganguli … Continue reading Robi Ganguli – A Wide Angle