The First Tipping Point …

Once a week we will pass on a few pointers from the professionals!

This week in preparation for Yannick Cormier’s upcoming workshop, “Access, Observation, and the Documentary Image”  ( we offer suggestions by Documentary Photographer,  JONAS BENDIKSEN represented by Magnum Photos.

Magnum Photos

1. Find photographic topics you feel truly passionate about.

2. Put in the time, even if there’s no assignment. Profound photographic work only comes with time.

3. Get out of bed early so you get the wonderful early light.

4. Move around a lot – don’t be afraid of trying new ways of seeing.

5. Talk to a lot of people, all of the time.

See more at:

Jonas Bendiksen
Jonas Bendiksen

Jonas Bendiksen
Documentary Photographer

Born in 1977, Jonas Bendiksen made his name with Satellites, a chronicle of the satellite states of the former USSR. He subsequently became the youngest member of the prestigious Magnum photo agency. His other major projects include The Places We Live, a mixed media project about the world’s slum dwellers.

To See More of Jonas’ work:




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