The Medium of our Era

  “Photography touches everyone’s life, every single day. It is the way we share our stories. It is the language that we speak—the medium of our era. Photographs transcend language barriers. They communicate power, love, tragedy and beauty.” Amy Miller, Organizer of ATLANTA CELEBRATES PHOTOGRAPHY  ( ACP is the largest annual, community-oriented Photography Festival in the USA. PONDY ART is a new organization, but we … Continue reading The Medium of our Era

Pondy ART opens “IN MY BACKYARD”

  Pondy ART presents this month’s Street ART exhibition, “IN MY BACKYARD” opening this Saturday, 12 October on the Beach Road in Pondicherry.  Documentary Photographer, Amirtharaj Stephen, has raced back from his presentation at the Delhi Photo Festival to be with us for the opening.  So stop by at the exhibition! The photographer will also be doing a presentation of his full work and the … Continue reading Pondy ART opens “IN MY BACKYARD”


As this blog and our website develops, photographers who participate have continuously reminded us to take care when we use their photos.  Many have had images used unofficially or without credits and want to avoid this in future.  We are continuously working to try to ensure our site, and those who visit it, do not take advantage of our artists in this way, but it … Continue reading GOING VIRAL?