Pondy ART at RISK!

Pondy ART at Risk!

This week Pondy ART  was notified that the owner of our exhibition wall on the Beach Road, Pondicherry may not allow us to continue using his property to “get art out there” through photography.  Pondy ART exhibitions present fine art photography and build awareness of the issues challenging India today for free and directly to the public reaching more than 1 lak visitors per show!

Why not let us continue?  

Pondy ART maintains and paints the wall regularly.  The wall has not been damaged in any way as prints are simply pasted on, and after each show the wall is scraped clean and all debris removed.

Pondy ART Iniative

Pondy ART exhibitions have caught national interest and our inexpensive, non-invasive installation and non-exclusive, large format presentation methods are now being considered for cities across India.

We have asked Pondicherriens and our contact networks across India and the world to show their support of our exhibitions in the hope that with letters of support in hand, the property owner will let us continue to present the messages of internationally recognized photographers like Andreas Deffner, Amirtharaj Stephen, Ian Lockwood, Senthil Kumaran, Yannick Cormier, Varun Gupta, Waswo X. Waswo, Rahul Dhankani, Kaushal Parikh and others on his wall.

Here are some of the comments we received by email in support of Pondy ART…

“I really support the effort as a Pondicherian, its a beautiful experience to see such kinda ART in Town.”

Radj Cesar, Pondicherry

“This is a request to try your best to support and continue the amazing work of bringing photography to the masses by continuing to display inspiring images in your walls. This country seriously lacks art in public spaces and this is one of the best initiatives to promote photography by making it accessible to a varied audience. This is an inspiration for photography communities in other parts of the country, too and Pondicherry will be at a loss if this wall is no longer accessible. 

I hope you will see the importance of supporting talented photographers in the country and help to make art in India’s public space a permanent sight.”
Karen Dias, Photographer  
“I support your efforts to “get art out there” for the city of Pondicherry in such a prime location.
Pondy art is really a good expression of art and of Pondicherry itself.”
Marcella Calvani Cortes, Aurovillian
…”I like the exhibitions proposed on the wall located on Goubert Avenue because they bring a touch of culture approachable to all. Indeed, this wall allows each to wonder about the place of art today, to contemplate attractive works or simply to be surprised and amazed when we fall above not fate by walking on the sea front…
I like the benches where regular  people sit down, just in front of the artworks, ” stealing” the star from photos, and reminding us that art should be a part of our everyday life so that the human being keeps affectedly his capacity to be amazed, to be moved, to be vibrated!”
Marie RIGOULET, Managing Director
Connect & Touch Pvt Ltd
“Please support the cause of spreading talent and using the wall for displaying ART WORKS. It adds beauty to both the wall and the beach side.”
Suresh R., Pondicherry
“We Support the Pondy A.R.T concept.”
S.V. Anand, Managing Director
Want to help PONDY ART?  Write a letter of support to pondy.art1@gmail.com.

One thought on “Pondy ART at RISK!

  1. Pondy ART is such a great concept. It is international, it is fun and most of all, it is accessible to people who may otherwise never get the chance to see the art as displayed. Anywhere else in the world, it would be on a tourist map – why is it under threat in India? I support Pondy ART and I hope others will too.

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