Photo Credit:  Yannick Cormier

These past three days Pondy ART has definitely seen the truth of that proverb “You win some, you lose some.”

We blogged yesterday that we were in danger of losing our current exhibition space on the Beach Road in Pondicherry and asked the public to help by sending letters of support for the project.  We received so many wonderful letters from people around the world in support of “getting art out there” and our use of a public venue to build awareness of the issues challenging India today through photography. There were letters from Pondicherrians, from artists and photographers and from corporate professionals; from students and activists, dancers, writers and doctors.   It was incredible to see how the project has touched so many.  Here is just a sample:

Yasra Daud Khoker wrote, “A wall as an unnatural barrier, a divider and a separator- have all been seen and experienced by us. Here, through the Pondy ART wall, we are given the chance of assimilating people, of celebrating ourselves and of looking beyond self-created barriers and partitions. Why would anyone deny us that?” Yasra Khoker writes regularly on Art and Architecture.

From Ram Rahman, Activist and Photographer, “(This) is the kind of initiative which is very necessary in our country and fills a great need for public exhibition spaces. As an activist with Sahmat for 25 years, I have been involved with public art events for years and know how responsive the public is to any such event.”

Artist and Film Maker (USA), Jenny Plevin expressed her support like this, ” I wish for this idea to be spread throughout the world. I wish to see photos like this everywhere I walk, it is creating beauty and meaning in the world.” 

The Artist, Waswo X. Waswo, whose show “Confessions of an Evil Orientalist” is currently on our wall and just spent 5 days in Pondicherry states ” Public art such as the Pondy Art Wall engages people who would normally never enter a gallery. Projects such as this make a city seem culturally alive and vibrant. Having the Pondy Art Wall on Beach Road tells visitors to Pondicherry that the city is not only sophisticated, but also artistically and socially engaged. Aside from the interesting stories the photographs themselves tell, the wall itself speaks that Pondicherry is becoming more and more of a cultural centre…   To lose this wall would be a great blow to the arts scene in the city.”

Well, we did lose.

We lost this wall.  But we know we can find another one with time, effort and because of your support.

So, in fact, in the end, the loss is more than worth what Pondy ART has won as a result.

Thank you ALL for your letters, messages, shares and likes.

Kasha Vande for Pondy ART


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