We are already almost half way there!

Special thanks to Christel van Wintershoven from the Netherlands for her contribution of 5,000 INR towards the installation of our upcoming show by Olya Morvan! We are getting there! If you are interested in becoming a Pondy ART Partner, contact us at pondy.art1@gmail.com or stop by Kasha Ki Aasha at 23 rue Surcouf, Pondy 01 and make your donation!  Receipts are available and whether you … Continue reading We are already almost half way there!

Another Thank YOU!

On Sunday, Pondy ART received an anonymous donation matching that of Mr. Thomas Cherian from the day before.  We received another 10,000 INR towards our goal of 1 Lak for the installation of Olya Morvan’s upcoming photography exhibition at the old Distillery in Pondicherry opening WITH YOUR HELP on 14 January 2014. We thank this donor for helping Pondy ART “get art out there” in … Continue reading Another Thank YOU!

Put your 2 cents (rupees) in!

Pondy ART  is getting ready for its next show scheduled to open 14 January at the Old Distillery in Pondicherry.  Olya Morvan, a Ukranian photographer, will present “Children in Ritual”.  The show is planned to mix color and black and white images and will focus on kids from many backgrounds across India.  It is going to be ASTONISHING! However, Pondy ART  needs your help to … Continue reading Put your 2 cents (rupees) in!

We like Rule No. 7!!!!

Rule no. 07 DON’T EMBELLISH, INTERRUPT. We need smart urban design, uplifting street lighting and landmark buildings, but public art can do so much more than decorate. Interruptions to our surroundings or everyday activities can open our eyes to new possibilities beyond artistic embellishment. From: the new rules of public art by PUBLIC ART NOW http://publicartnow.com/2013/12/12/the-new-rules-of-public-art/ Continue reading We like Rule No. 7!!!!