Put your 2 cents (rupees) in!

Pondy ART  is getting ready for its next show scheduled to open 14 January at the Old Distillery in Pondicherry.  Olya Morvan, a Ukranian photographer, will present “Children in Ritual”.  The show is planned to mix color and black and white images and will focus on kids from many backgrounds across India.  It is going to be ASTONISHING!

However, Pondy ART  needs your help to open this show!  Kasha Ki Aasha and LB2 have sponsored 10 shows now, but we are at the end of our funds! There are 1.2 million  people in Pondicherry and we know about 100,000 of you see our shows every month!  This show will cost just 100,000 INR for printing and installation!  (The Government of Puducherry has generously given the space, so there is no rent.)  So if 50,000 of you offer us just 2 rupees each,    we can install this show.  If 20,000 of you give us 5 rupees each, we can do this show.  And if 10,000 of you donate 10 rupees each we are golden!

Pondy ART is proud to share the arts with our community since February 2013.  And now we need your help to keep this program going. The shows present fantastic photography and build awareness of issues challenging India today.  The project has gained nationwide interest and has been covered by the Hindu, Indian Express, the Deccan Chronicle and ART and DEAL magazine for its success at using public venues to present fine art in an economical way for everyone to enjoy.  And other cities are now trying to find ways to replicate what started right here in our home town of Pondicherry.

Help us keep this special community event and show your pride in being a Pondicherrien.  Stop by Kasha Ki Aasha at 23 rue Surcouf, Pondy-o1 and put in your 2 rupees, or 10, or 100 or 1000…..  We live in a one of a kind city, Pondicherry.  Let’s show India, we are a one of kind community too.

Pondy ART installation in the Old Distillery


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