First Glimpse… !!

“Future Plan” by Alvaro Laiz & David Rengel (ANHUA)


Imagine you are nine years old and you live in a small country, Uganda. Every night, all children in your town play the same game. When the sun sets you hide among the high weeds and in holes dug in the earth.
The Lord´s Resistance Army has been kidnapping children for over 25 years from along the border between Uganda and Sudan, where they are trained as soldiers to fight against the Ugandan Army. Joseph Kony, the leader of these guerrilla fighters, encourages his soldiers to use girls as sex slaves, to supply the LRA with a new generation of “fighters”. Deprived of an education and brought up in a culture of extreme violence, they are forced to kill and abduct people.
John, Margaret, Grace and Nighty are only few examples of the terror in Uganda in the last quarter century. Although the LRA has recently moved to Democratic Republic of the Congo, the few that manage to return are rejected by a society that blames them for the deaths of their relatives and friends. They symbolize thousands of sons and daughters, brothers and sisters who are still in Kony’s hands.
Future Plan is a project in collaboration with various NGOs, who have worked with children who have grown up in refugee camps in Uganda and have now reached adulthood. Imagine your life was a great plain wall. Imagine you have a piece of chalk – what would you write for yourself?

ANHUA is a collective of photographers and visual artists who have collaborated to document the social, historical and contemporary. It consists of four photographers, two of whom have contributed to this particular project.
Álvaro Laiz has been working as a freelance photographer since 2008, documenting social issues and has had his work published in several well-renowned international newspapers and magazines.
David Rengel is a photographer and documentary filmmaker. He has made several international documentaries and became co-founder of ANHUA in order to publicize forgotten conflicts that have no place in the media.

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