Let’s TALK!

Talk about what?  PHOTOGRAPHY of course!

This Saturday evening in Pondicherry join Sebastian Cortes, Pablo Bartholomew, Dinesh Khanna and Yannick Cormier to hear their views, and express yours, on getting art out there in the medium of photography.

Cortes, who puts his art out there on the page with books like “Pondicherry” will lead the discussion.  No one will ask better questions of Pablo Bartholomew who is exploring the installation of his own photography in public spaces like shopping malls and metro stations.  Dinesh Khanna, co founder of Delhi Photo Fest, is looking forward to offering his views on the success of the festival’s first  installations in public space.  And Yannick Cormier, curator of Pondy Photo 2014’s first large scale group exhibition on the walls of our own Distillery, will comment on the potential to educate and build awareness through photography.

Photography is springing up on streets across India thanks to efforts by many festival organisers, individual curators and artists.  Pondicherry has taken its place next to cities like Delhi, Chennai and Bombay who are now offering their residents the opportunity to see images outside of the gallery.  Join Pondy Photo 2014 this Saturday at 6 pm and get your chance to tell Sebastian, Pablo, Dinesh and Yannick what you think about  art on the streets of your city.  There are two sides to every wall and public art is meant to break barriers not build them!

6:00-7:30 pm “Getting Art Out There: Photography in Public Space”

Panel Discussion
Mediator: Sebastian Cortes
Panel: Pablo Bartholomew, Dinesh Khanna, Yannick Cormier

Venue:  Centre Point Hall, Hotel Atithi, 126, S. V. Patel Salai, Puducherry – 01


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