Another Great Photographer

Phantom Lady or Kismet by Pushpamala N.   In this series of staged performance photographs, Pushpamala engages with popular forms of entertainment such as masquerading, mirroring, and performance of a double role. With a backdrop of colonial architecture, female characters from the Silent Movie Era or even the early Talkies, are spotted in public places.‘Phantom Lady’ invokes the memory of entertainment in the 1930s and … Continue reading Another Great Photographer


RELATIONSHIPS For several years now, I have been creating the constantly growing series of sculptures called Resurretion, which I use chiefly to take photos and make videos. It is an ironic, cynical review of topics related to biogenetic research and development.“An arrangement of sculptures complemented by people” is how I describe Relationships, a successfully growing series of photos started in 2011.The concept of the work … Continue reading ARNOLD REINICH at PONDY PHOTO 2014