CRISIS at Pondy Photo 2014!

The Team behind Pondy PHOTO 2014 is super excited about the overwhelmingly positive public response to the 28 Photography Exhibitions in the Old Distillery, Pondicherry.

All of us; Yannick Cormier, Andreas Deffner, Muthu Stickers, Take It Easy, Victoria Rentals and the rest of the team, put this incredible photography festival together on a very tight budget of 10 Laks, (approx. 12,000 Euro/16,700 USD).  We included not just photography, but two dance performances, three music concerts,  and even an installation artist to make sure there was something interesting for everyone –  all ages and all backgrounds.  We organised 3 educational workshops for photography fanatics, a panel discussion and 5 presentations from world famous photographers.  Everyone involved, including the VIPs helped in some way, providing free or hugely discounted services, others working without down payments or paying their own travel costs to help with setup or event presentations.

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We did all this for YOU and did it without asking entrance fees.  And all this effort worked.

YOU love PONDY PHOTO 2014!

How do we know?  The compliments everyone on the team has been receiving every day from the 5000 visitors to the Old Distillery.  The 11,000+ hits on our website since the festival was announced in late February.  The hundreds of emails we received from applicants for the workshops.  Our Facebooks posts that received 3000 views.

However, as of Friday,


We were informed that our main financial sponsor would only provide 40% of the expected contribution of 10,00,000 INR.  That means that we get only 400,000 of the total budget we built the festival on.

WE MUST FIND 600,000 INR (approx. 7,300 EUROS/10,000 USD).  

So far we have received approximately 70,000 INR thanks to individual sponsors and the donations now being collected at the site.  However, we are still a long way from paying off our suppliers.

Support Pondy PHOTO 2014!

We need your donation.  Large or small.  Every rupee counts!

Donations may be dropped at


KASHA KI AASHA, 23 rue Surcouf, Pondy 01

Checks can be made out to K.K.A. Exports Pvt. Ltd.


please email:

Nicolas Chorier

The Pondy ART Team is getting art out there  FOR YOU!

Help us show Pondicherry, India and the World


As a community



(Organisers are not receiving any payment for this project.)


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