And then there were 2 (laks)…



Andreas DeffnerPhoto Credit:  Andreas Deffner

Pondy PHOTO 2014 was a pretty spectacular show of photography in public space…Nothing like this has ever been seen in this sleepy seaside town of Pondicherry, India.   In fact, we are pretty sure that it hasn’t been seen before anywhere in India actually.

This photography festival was done on a tight budget by local, grass roots contractors who believed in Pondy ART’s vision and wanted to be part of a project that gave something special back to their own families and friends and the community of Pondicherry as a whole.  Many of them worked almost non-stop for the two weeks of set-up and they did it with their own funds, even taking personal loans to help Pondy ART open the doors on time when suddenly,


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These guys did one INCREDIBLE JOB.

Our contractors backed this project without necessarily having ever seen the inside of a gallery.  They gave their children, their families and their friends the chance to experience fine art first hand and for the first time.  They made Pondy Photo 2014 more successful than even Pondy ART imagined.

They proved that “getting art out there”  DOES WORK!  

Unfortunately, now they are in trouble.  They have equipment and materials to pay for.  They have loans to cover.  They have staff with families.

Pondy ART’s main sponsor cannot process the funding they ARE providing any faster.  And even when that appears, it is unfortunately not enough to pay the bills. Pondy ART organisers are now working with local money lenders to try to help get the contractors what they need faster.  But this brings more cost as lenders charge high interest.


We are still just over 2 laks short of paying our contractors.  So many have helped so far with rupees in the donation box, by transfer from around the world and with envelopes left at our collection point.  We thank them for their amazing support of Pondy Photo 2014.  But we are not there yet.

If you also support “getting art out there” for everyone, your contribution, no matter how large or small is greatly appreciated.  You will be gratefully recognized on our sponsor page on this website and our social media platforms.

Donations can be made at Kasha Ki Aasha, 23 rue Surcouf, Pondicherry or transferred to our AXIS bank account. (write for account details which we are unable to post publicly)

Thank you for your support of

Muthu Stickers (printing/installation)

Take it Easy (power and lights)

Sound Garden (sound)

Sri Ambal Xerox (printing)

Penguin (printing)

Sanik Security Service

Newcon Global Services (design and printing)

GC Dhandapani (Stage)

Tamil Clear Display Systems (Projection equipment)

Victoria Rentals (Table and Chair Rental)

Hotel Atithi (Event Space)

The Hindu (Advertising)

Mohanam Sound Crew (Public Performance)

Around Midnight (Music)

Mango Hill (Catering)

Sula Wineries (Catering)

Fabien Bontems (Sound)

Romain Timmers  (Performance Artist)

Gopal Tents

Our on-site Cleaning Crew


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