We asked…and you answered…

We asked….

…if you come to Pondy ART exhibitions because we show India from all its angles, with all its subtleties and its extremes; because we show great photography; because the exhibitions show things you, the Public, haven’t seen, want to see more of or hope to learn something from…

And then, because these reasons are Pondy ART’s goals, we asked…


Here are some of your answers….

(YOUR comments count! Please mail us at pondy.art1@gmail.com)

From Pondicherry

This is new idea when you launched in Pondicherry.  Its really amazing efforts (Pondy ART) put for displaying this photos to public.  Thus it really gives people to understand and enhance the inner thoughts for each people who visits.

I hope in future you bring more photographers from all around the world for displaying their photograph.. This will give us more possibilities to understand this world,  their culture, tradition and the lifestyle of the people .

As Visitors, we won’t see any discrimination or poverty of India.  It’s a lifestyle of India which is requires more for public to get awareness.  We know our Puducherry Government is giving full support for this activities.  We are thankful to both of Pondy ART and Pudicherry Government.      – Jeyaraj

From Auroville

It would be disappointing on so many levels to see this not go ahead… I am sure every person that has seen the exhibitions would agree.     – Jane

From India

…For me, the point is not whether the images are positive or negative, and its not even about someone showing me pollution or poverty. The point is that the photographs were stunning and honest and showcased people I haven’t met and places I haven’t been to. And that is what engages me most as an audience….these are images I haven’t seen before and that itself is an education for me, as common man, or me as a traveler or even as a photographer.     –  Ami

From USA

…To see the work of such a diverse and globally respected group of visual artists displayed on the streets and in the old distillery in Pondicherry is a delight I know is shared by many. While the subjects of these shows may sometimes reflect upon challenges and challenging situations in India and abroad, the experience of viewing this work is for me and other viewers from all walks of life, an opportunity to gain new insights into the world around us.

These types of public art events draw attention to what a wonderful city Pondicherry is. In my extensive travels and work in the Indian tourism sector, I know of no other city which offers art to the public in a way that is truly accessible to people from all walks of life. What is most inspiring is to see that the people of Pondicherry embrace this…   – Renee


… You are doing it right!     – Benjamin


I fully support the amazing work (Pondy ART is) doing… sustaining an art space and supporting causes that concern all of us, regardless of where we come from and what we believe.  – Karen

And with the last word….

… the Tribes of India show that I was part of at the Old Distillery was one of the finest exhibitions that has been mounted in India.

It highlighted the life and struggles of the true inhabitants of India. Even before India became independent, before the British came, before the Muslims came, even before the Aryans came, even before the Dravidians came, these people lived here and therefore are the true inhabitants on the land that is now called India.

There have been a number of other exhibitions that Pondy Art has done that is equally strong and important….There needs to be work as exhibitions that brings about questions and debate. This is what makes a healthy nation. 

I fully support Pondy Arts initiative to use public spaces in bringing international quality work to show the public and bring about awareness.

– Pablo Bartholomew, Padma Shri Award Winning Photographer, India


YOUR comments count! Please mail us WHAT YOU THINK at pondy.art1@gmail.com


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