Andreas Deffner pushes Pondy ART out there…

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Pondy ART has received many,many compliments on the innovative concept for our latest exhibition and we want to pass them on to the one most deserving.  Andreas Deffner came up with the MOVING IMAGE idea as a renegade, guerrilla tactic  to help Pondy ART keep getting art out there when we lost access to the Old Distillery as an exhibition venue.  He led us through the thrilling early morning (but unfortunately not so high speed as he is used to) auto chase for the promotional photographs with Muthu’s support and then designed all the promotional materials for the show.   Pondy ART offers a special thank you on behalf of the rest of the team, and all of the photographers who participated in the event, to Andreas for his energy, time, ideas, design skills and of course, his work with his camera.

The rest of the story:  Born in 1959 Deffner studied photography and communication design and started to work as a free-lance photographer in 1980. After living in Paris and Hamburg he moved to Berlin. He is now a full time resident of Tamil Nadu in Southern India.

Andreas Deffner is a passionate traveller and a knowledgable explorer of the subcontinent, who first got to India because of his love for a woman more than twenty years ago. He quickly fell in love with the whole country and decided to put down roots in India, where he finds spectacular and quiet stories and captures them with his camera.

“India has become my second home. It is maybe partially because of my interest in travelling and it’s adventures, but more importantly I find strong visual impressions, a nice dose of anarchy and unfinished places inspiring.”

To see more of Andreas’ work, please visit: and



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