Pondy ART is all heART.

Pondy ART has had an amazing year!  Shows by Kaushal Parikh, Olya Morvan, Andreas Deffner, Peter Kabel, Dhruv Dhakan and Swarat Ghosh in the Old Distillery were visited by thousands of school children, Pondicherriens and tourists.  Pondy Photo 2014, our first photography festival, received international attention for its unique installation and exhibitions and had over 10,000 visitors on its own.  And MOVING IMAGE  showcasing work by 24 photographers from around the world got art out there on a whole new level in Pondicherry!  Pretty fantastic stuff!

But what made this year truly special is the people who helped make all this happen!  None of this could have been done without their support, photography, comments, advice, energy and….!

Muthu – Late night installations are lit up by that smile!  And yes, the other lighter is in my bag.

Andreas – We are definitely having fun, RIGHT?

Yannick – I know, I know we need to eat – but there is so much more to do!

Prof. Fleischmann – You are so FAST!!!

Ravi – So sorry, but may I ask just one more question?

Pablo – Those soundbites of yours….what can we say.

Dinesh and Prashant – THANK YOU for sharing!

Waswo – I think we need you to Tweet for Pondy ART…

Varun – Maybe one more light?

Kash – Text 135 of the day:  So where are you now?  I am on my way.  Text 250 of the day: …Oops missed you. So can you….

Senthil – Thank you for leading straight to the Old Distillery every time.

Amirtharaj – Which bus are you on now?

Philippe – Just 2 more, no 4 more, sorry 1 more for lunch!

Iben – I wish I had your touch screen.

Rahul – There is no better body guard.

Peter – Thank you.

Olya – What you are doing…DONT STOP!

Dhruv – No one could be more patient, really.

Lily – You are a wonderful driver.

Kaushal – Have you found a reasonably sized gallery yet?

Vishal – Could you just shoot over here?  And over here? And….

Swarat – Never saw him – he was always off shooting somewhere.

Saravanan – Just a little more time please.

Nicolas – Yes, I TOTALLY get it!

Annie – Fancy meeting you here!

Devangi – 6:30?  I am free now….

And all those others….

Yes, Pondy ART is all heART.

Thank you! from the bottom of mine.


NOT the Creative Director, but definitely the writer of this post.





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