Moving along with Peter Kabel…

Peter Kabel - PondyArt - Moving ArtDSC_6835

Prof. Peter Kabel – b.1962 Germany, studied Visual Communication and Philosophy in Hamburg.
After studying Visual Communications and Philosophy in Hamburg, Peter Kabel worked for many years as editorial designer for various international and German magazines and newspapers. He founded companies like Trend Büro and Büro Hamburg, as well as the consulting firm for digital media Kabel New Media. Besides his work as a media entrepreneur Peter has consulted for brands such as Time Warner, BMW, Deutsche Bank and Siemens. In 1996, Peter became a Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg in Communication Design.
Peter is an alert observer and avid photographer. He has contributed to a number of books and magazines and published numerous articles.
Peter’s relationship with India began with a long-term stay in 2002. He lives in Hamburg, Germany between trips to India.

Photo Credit:  Vishal Kumaraswamy
Photo Credit: Vishal Kumaraswamy

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