Opening this Wednesday in Pondicherry!

  By the 1880’s, commercial photo studios had found their way into the bazaars of the Presidency’s medium sized towns across India.  Husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, grandparents and grandchildren could now walk into a studio, take a pose, and look into the camera to be fixed and framed.  These family portraits not only present a visual record of a family’s history, often showcasing … Continue reading Opening this Wednesday in Pondicherry!


Kavitha Veeraraghavan comes with many years of experience as a passionate people and street photographer. She is an alumni of IIM Bangalore and has left behind a successful career in investment banking to pursue her passion. She has been photographing weddings over the past three years. While she is more known for her wedding work, she is also working on a long-term project on extreme … Continue reading Moving…

What’s Next? HERITAGE of the FAMILY

Pondy ART’s next exhibition is something totally different.  Oh right, that is what you expect! For our next exhibition opening 25 February on the Beach Road, we are collaborating with the French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP) to present Heritage of the Family: Tamil Studio Portraiture (1880 – 1980) The exhibition presents a series of portraits collected from across Tamil Nadu by Dr. Zoe Headley and … Continue reading What’s Next? HERITAGE of the FAMILY

Harneet Kaur on the Road in Pondy

  Harneet Kaur grew up in a very small but a very well planned town of India called ‘Chandigarh’. Like a palette of colors the city has her tints and shades.  Being creative Harneet kept  looking for things which intrigued her. After a degree in Interior Design she moved to Kolkata in 2009 which was her first chance to be able to choose “What is that I would love and want … Continue reading Harneet Kaur on the Road in Pondy