Moving between a PhD and Photography…

Gowri Shankar Ramaswamy - 1

Gowri Shankar is a PhD scholar in computer science and passionate about computer, psychology, music and photography. Art, to him, is the only form of expression when words fall short of conveying what is intended. Photography in particular is a form of art that he believes should not just capture scenes but also convey some emotion, message, mood or story. Gowri likes his pictures to have an abstract undercurrent so that every viewer is able to connect his experience from life and give his interpretation to the picture. Interpretation lying in the eyes of the beholder makes photography a very satisfying pursuit for him.

Gowri prefers working with simple equipment. The 50mm prime lens fascinates him the most.

To see more of Gowri’s work, please visit:

Photo Credit:  Kaushal Parikh
Photo Credit: Kaushal Parikh

We are sorry not to have Gowri’s work on shown on an auto…


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