Harneet Kaur on the Road in Pondy


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Harneet Kaur grew up in a very small but a very well planned town of India called ‘Chandigarh’. Like a palette of colors the city has her tints and shades.  Being creative Harneet kept  looking for things which intrigued her. After a degree in Interior Design she moved to Kolkata in 2009 which was her first chance to be able to choose “What is that I would love and want to do?”

Photography came to me when I had no friends and acquaintances in the city. It became my first friend and now a lifelong companion. Being chirpy by nature, I enjoy how my photographs can talk more than me…saves my energy you see. The desire to learn more and do more has kept this flame burning strong and a whole new world was discovered. I was always diverse in my choices and sometimes I would wonder is there anything which I desire to do so strongly that nothing else would matter. For me that did not happen for the major part of my life so far until I fell in love. I had my teething problems and I think photography is a non-stop learning experience. My shutter asks for more and more..guess it’s hungry most of the time.

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”

― Ted Grant

To see more of Harneet’s work visit: http://www.harneetkaurphotography.com


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