FOCUS INDIA Comes to Pondicherry This Friday

At Kalinka Gallery this Friday evening at 7 pm PondyART Foundation in collaboration with Kalinka Gallery will present a screening of Fòcas India’s exhibition “Document” followed by a panel discussion. The digital exhibition screening will begin at 7 pm and showcase the work of thirty Indian and Scottish photographers on the theme, “Document.” After a short break, a panel led by mediator PondyLIVE’s founder Olympia Shilpa Gerald and including Photographers, Yannick Cormier and Shuchi Kapoor, Professor and artist, Dr Gopal Jayaraman and Director of PondyPHOTO, Kasha Vande will discuss documenting the social, political and personal from their perspectives.

Fòcas India celebrates emerging photography from Scotland and India. Thirty artists are featured in this screening who were shortlisted as part of the Focas India: Document program. Together, these artists offer a broad audience diverse visions and stories from India and Scotland.  The screening event will be followed by a panel discussion with guest speakers exploring the photographers approach to documenting the social, political and personal. Fòcas India explores how photographers of all kinds, across the lines of nation, culture, history and gender, adopt photography as a vital language both universal and personal through which to record stories and states of being that are at once universal and specific to their own lives. Friday evening’s event will address how and why lens-based artists use photography, in particular, to create work that documents equally – and powerfully – our connections with others and to our most private selves.

Fòcas Scotland is a non-profit platform that supports emerging photographers based in Scotland to collaborate with their peers around the world.

Fòcas India is presented through a collaboration between Fòcas Scotland, Kalinka Gallery and the PondyART Foundation.

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