Pondy ART is an initiative created in December 2012 by Kasha Vande and supported by Yannick Cormier and S. Muthu Krishnan in Pondicherry, India. Created to get art out there for the public in a non exclusive environment, Pondy ART presents large format photography exhibitions that center around a theme of building awareness of the issues challenging India today in public spaces. The Pondy ART team works together challenging the more traditional approach to exhibition installation and breaking convention by experimenting with venue, material, lighting, scale and presentation.

Video Credit:  Jeremy Carroll

More than 17 exhibitions have been presented on city streets as well as in vacant properties in an economical and yet strikingly unique style. Exhibitions have covered issues such as challenged communities, specific regions and their tribal inhabitants, religious rituals and environmental issues. Pondy ART presents works by both emerging and internationally recognized photographers on an almost monthly basis.


Free events such as workshops, projections and performances and most recently a street market, augment the exhibitions, adding additional public education and entertainment elements to the visual presentation. Pondy ART events continue to successfully draw crowds from all social and economic backgrounds together in a single space to enjoy and discover the arts.

Pondy ART organisers in association with the Delhi Photo Fest, also presented Pondy PHOTO 2014, a photography festival incorporating over 40 exhibitions, workshops, presentations and performances in March 2014 to international acclaim.

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one of the most courageous, experimental and important happenings to engage the public in recent times...

by Two Time World Press Award Winning Photographer, Pablo Bartholomew, Pondy PHOTO 2014 drew more than 10,000 Indian and International visitors over its two week festival period.


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