Driving Forces – December 2016



Participating Photographers

  • Chandrasekhar Singh
  • Debiprasad Mukherjee
  • Eric Huynh
  • Goutam Roy
  • Pankaj Dutta
  • Pradhumn Ghugare
  • Ranjithkumar Oudeacoumar
  • Rangaprasad Rangarajan
  • Rohit Gautam
  • Rumi Samadhan
  • Sascha Richter
  • Sudipto Das


The rapid changes going on across India involve any number of Driving Forces, individuals who work tirelessly towards positive change. These dynamos are everywhere…. All of us know at least one man, woman or young person who with dedication and effort is effectively making a difference in India at local or regional levels. Some movers and shakers are famous for motivating change, but many remain unrecognized except among those who directly benefit from their intiative, their energy, their efforts and/or their support.

In this exhibition we  recognize these quietly effective DRIVING FORCES of India’s local communities through a series of portraits of extra ordinary citizen initiating positive change in your community. Portrait subjects may be professionals or not, but are individuals who give back in some special way.


The work in this exhibition was chosen from the submissions received through an OPEN CALL.

This exhibition was presented with support from:

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