HOME – Sathish Kumar – October 2017


என் காஞ்சிபுரம்.

என் வாழ்வு.

என் பயணங்கள்.

என்  மனிதர்கள்.

என் நினைவுகள்.

என் அப்பா.

These are photos of Kanchipuram

These are photos of my family

These are photos of my life

I miss my hometown

I miss my father

I miss my life that was



Sathish Kumar (b.1986) works and lives in Chennai.

To see more of Sathish’s work, please visit  www.sathishphoto.com



HOME will open Sunday 22 October 2017 at 4:30 pm at the Hotel Qualité across from Bharathi Park in Pondicherry.  The exhibition is open 24 hours and is free to the public.  It will remain on the wall until 21 November.

Video by N. Jaisingh

Special thanks to Hotel Qualité for providing the wall.

Exhibition Supported by: