About 50 million years ago, the Indian Subcontinent, drifting northwards across the Ocean of Tethys on its tectonic plate, slammed into the stationary mass of Asia. Since then the landmasses have been buckling and folding, growing into what is known today as the Himalayas.

Ladakh is a region that is located in the midst of Himalayas. The landscape and people there represent an unchanged portion of our planet. Faces and mountains look as if they have been carved by the elements and presented as testimony to the Earth’s mystical natural powers.

Standing in this barren high altitude desert, we can clearly see ourselves as part of the earth’s elemental processes.

Alone in a landscape so vast and powerful, the value of one’s self in the universe is repeatedly called into question. With nothing but rocks and sky for as far as the eye can see, I ask myself if human existence has meaning, or if it is just a product of chemical reactions.

In isolation, the mind has no mirror and must define itself. However, in each other we find reason to believe our lives have a significant purpose.

It is the interaction of human emotions that magnify the scale of our existence. In the eyes of others, we see a reflection that defines us.

But is this definition, this purpose a mere illusion, a cloak that we cling on to for lack of nothing else?

This is a space where the two sides of the mind mingle – the energies of isolation and inclusion blend to create a mystical vibration, where illusions meet realities and purpose can be found without definition.


Rahul was born in Calcutta and took to photography as an extension of thirst for travel and adventure.

To see more of his work:



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