When I think of women who have Aids, suddenly the faces of women I have met in Andra Pradesh flash before my eyes. I have met many young women often widows who are HIV positive and many with similar stories to share: married in their teens; mothers before they were in their twenties; and now widows. All of these women face stigmatization from their own family and neighbours.

India has already over five million people diagnosed as being HIV positive,United Nations millennium development goal to halt and inverse the spread of Aids in India by 2015 appears like it will be incredibly difficult to fulfill. Currently 39% of the Indians who are HIV positive are women.


Srikanth Kolari, Indian Photo Journalist, represented by REDUX Photo Agency, NY and selected for the prestigious Visa pour l’image 2012, Perpignan, France 2012 and Angkor Photo Festival 2012, Siem Reap, Cambodia spends his time travelling Asia working in conflict afflicted regions and covering individuals and cultural groups affected by war, poverty and prejudice.  His personal projects have been exhibited in Scotland, Croatia, Italy, France, Belgium and Cambodia as well as in many solo shows across India.  Kolari’s work was chosen for Twenty Best Solo Exhibitions of India by The Škoda Prize for Indian Contemporary Art 2011 and Kolari was Winner of The Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Programme 2011.




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