STREETWISE by Kaushal Parikh Dec 2013

poster 2.12.2013
“STREETWISE” by Kaushal Parikh, Photographer
“Mumbai has energy.  She has resolve.  She also has an abundance of people, cars and pollution.  But most of all she has an abundance of ‘life’ – most of which reveals itself in her streets.
I began documenting the streets five years ago with the intention of rediscovering my city at ground level; of getting to know her and feeling her pulse; of abandoning the air-conditioned confines of my car and merging with the maddening crowd.
Mumbai streets are a mosaic of magical moments – some amusing, some heartbreaking and some inspirational.  I really do see and feel Mumbai more intimately now.  I can no longer live in apathetic existence in this city where, like in all cities in India,  life is eked out at every street corner.  I am no longer blind to the millions of faces that pass me every day.  The people behind those faces are all real.  They all have their stories.  And they all persevere to survive against unimaginable odds.”
Kaushal Parikh

Kaushal Parikh is a travel/documentary/street photographer based in Mumbai, India. An ex-banker turned photographer, his work has appeared in several publications including Conde Nast Traveller India, National Geographic Traveller India, Radiate Magazine UK, Tatler UK, Vogue India among others.  Although he loves to travel, when not on assignment he focuses his lens on the gritty, but always generous streets of Mumbai in an attempt to capture a variety of moments that most often escape our eyes. According to him street photography is the most honest and raw genre of photography – it is an accurate documentation of life.

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Photo Credit:  Andreas Deffner


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