We want to say a special thanks to all of you who have supported Pondy Photo 2014.

 Your contributions make us all partners in

“getting art out there” 

John & Nini Mandeen      25,000.00
Busihunt                               10,000.00
Mr. Aquil                               4,999.82
Waswo X Waswo              20,000.00
Dinesh Khanna                    5,000.00
Kavitha  & Vamsi              25,000.00
LB2                                        10,000.00
Gate Donations                16,700.00
Thomas Cherian                8,000.00
Jayaraj & Mahesh             1,500.00
Peter Kabel                       37,,000.00
Pondicherry Photography Club    4,600.00
Waswo X Waswo              20,000.00
Didier & Marie Jo              5,000.00
Uffe Frank                            5,000.00

Christine                                3,000.00

Rauf Ali                                  10,000.00

Anonymous                      20,000.00


Thank you for helping us open the gates for Pondy Photo with Temporary  Loans to Pondy PHOTO 2014 without Interest

Pablo Bartholomew     100,000

John and Nini Mandeen  75,000

Amirtharaj Stephen      25,000


For more information on how you can help Pondy ART build awareness of the issues challenging India today … Contact US!


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