Step 2

  Invitations are being delivered, press releases are out and now we get to the fun part – putting the show on the walls of the Old Distillery….  Yannick Cormier came to work with Peter on the best way to show these incredible images in our amazing space.  Muthu arrived to help double check measurements and Kasha noted it all down.  Thanks to Peter, we … Continue reading Step 2

And then there were 2 (laks)…

    Photo Credit:  Andreas Deffner Pondy PHOTO 2014 was a pretty spectacular show of photography in public space…Nothing like this has ever been seen in this sleepy seaside town of Pondicherry, India.   In fact, we are pretty sure that it hasn’t been seen before anywhere in India actually. This photography festival was done on a tight budget by local, grass roots contractors who believed … Continue reading And then there were 2 (laks)…

CRISIS at Pondy Photo 2014!

The Team behind Pondy PHOTO 2014 is super excited about the overwhelmingly positive public response to the 28 Photography Exhibitions in the Old Distillery, Pondicherry. All of us; Yannick Cormier, Andreas Deffner, Muthu Stickers, Take It Easy, Victoria Rentals and the rest of the team, put this incredible photography festival together on a very tight budget of 10 Laks, (approx. 12,000 Euro/16,700 USD).  We included … Continue reading CRISIS at Pondy Photo 2014!

Let’s TALK!

Talk about what?  PHOTOGRAPHY of course! This Saturday evening in Pondicherry join Sebastian Cortes, Pablo Bartholomew, Dinesh Khanna and Yannick Cormier to hear their views, and express yours, on getting art out there in the medium of photography. Cortes, who puts his art out there on the page with books like “Pondicherry” will lead the discussion.  No one will ask better questions of Pablo Bartholomew … Continue reading Let’s TALK!