Pondy ART is all heART.

Pondy ART has had an amazing year!  Shows by Kaushal Parikh, Olya Morvan, Andreas Deffner, Peter Kabel, Dhruv Dhakan and Swarat Ghosh in the Old Distillery were visited by thousands of school children, Pondicherriens and tourists.  Pondy Photo 2014, our first photography festival, received international attention for its unique installation and exhibitions and had over 10,000 visitors on its own.  And MOVING IMAGE  showcasing work … Continue reading Pondy ART is all heART.

Andreas Deffner pushes Pondy ART out there…

  Pondy ART has received many,many compliments on the innovative concept for our latest exhibition and we want to pass them on to the one most deserving.  Andreas Deffner came up with the MOVING IMAGE idea as a renegade, guerrilla tactic  to help Pondy ART keep getting art out there when we lost access to the Old Distillery as an exhibition venue.  He led us through the thrilling early … Continue reading Andreas Deffner pushes Pondy ART out there…

Moving with Kaushal Parikh

Kaushal Parikh challenges himself by moving between documentary, street and travel photography.  An ex-banker turned photographer, he maintains a base in Bombay where, when not on assignment, he focuses his lens on the gritty streets of his city.  Kaushal believes street photography is the most honest and raw genre of photography and offers an opportunity to document life most accurately. To see more of Kaushal’s … Continue reading Moving with Kaushal Parikh

We like Rule No. 7!!!!

Rule no. 07 DON’T EMBELLISH, INTERRUPT. We need smart urban design, uplifting street lighting and landmark buildings, but public art can do so much more than decorate. Interruptions to our surroundings or everyday activities can open our eyes to new possibilities beyond artistic embellishment. From: the new rules of public art by PUBLIC ART NOW http://publicartnow.com/2013/12/12/the-new-rules-of-public-art/ Continue reading We like Rule No. 7!!!!