We like Rule No. 7!!!!

Rule no. 07 DON’T EMBELLISH, INTERRUPT. We need smart urban design, uplifting street lighting and landmark buildings, but public art can do so much more than decorate. Interruptions to our surroundings or everyday activities can open our eyes to new possibilities beyond artistic embellishment. From: the new rules of public art by PUBLIC ART NOW http://publicartnow.com/2013/12/12/the-new-rules-of-public-art/ Continue reading We like Rule No. 7!!!!

Accessible Art

Senior Artist Ramesh Vedambatia, understands the risks of art becoming exclusive.  But he offers a solution. “Unfortunately, art has become exclusive.   A common man hesitates to walk into a gallery.  We need more public spaces with art that is accessible to everyone, especially the young.” http://www.deccanchronicle.com/130802/lifestyle-booksart/article/new-language Pondy ART is doing exactly that.  Please support our efforts to use public venues to build social awareness … Continue reading Accessible Art