“Documentation of Social Issues” Free Workshop with Amirtharaj Stephen


“Documentation of Social Issues” – Amirtharaj Stephen
29-30 March 2014
2 Day- 4 Session Workshop
Pondicherry & Kasha Ki Aasha
Saturday 29 March

  • 9:30 am – 12:00 pm Introduction and Shooting Session
  • 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Informal Editing Session

Sunday 30 March

  • 9:30 am – 12:00 pm Shooting Session
  • 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Editing Session
  • 7:00 pm Public Presentation

Language: Tamil/English
Spaces: 15 No.
Selection Requirements:

  • Camera
  • 150 Word Max. Paragraph on Personal Reason for Interest in this Workshop
  • Subject Choice (in Tamil or English)
  • Please mail paragraph with name, cell, address and profession to email: pondy.art1@gmail.com

Choose a local issue and learn the process for successfully and responsibly presenting it to a public through the documentary image. Sessions will be split between introduction by Amirtharaj, Group discussion, shooting in and around Pondicherry, informal editing sessions and final public presentation of selected student work.

Amirtharaj Stephen:
Amirtharaj is a Tamil photographer. His interests lie in capturing for posterity, stripped glimpses of the world and its inhabitants. Where he comes from, the voices of the oppressed are often suppressed. Suffering is taken from granted by those in power and the downtrodden as well. Amirtharaj believes that photographs have the clout to make people look at commonplace incidents in an empathetic manner. They can change the tide of the conflict-ridden and empower the masses to care for each other. He hopes to be a part of this process, where he can use his knack for photography and passion for the cause for the greater good of the world.

Amirtharaj Stephen concentrates on street documentary and socio documentary of human and environmental issues. He has been particularly active following the protests against nuclear power. His work on this topic has been shown and published across India and outside.

To see more of Amirtharaj’s work visit http://www.lightstalkers.org/amirtharaj_stephen

This workshop is presented as part of Pondy Photo 2014

For Full program details visit http://www.pondyphoto2014.com

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