“Introduction to Documentary Photography” – Senthil Kumaran

1 Day – 1 Session Workshop
Sunday 23 March 10 am – 1:30 pm
Centre Point Hall
HOTEL ATITHI | 126, S. V. Patel Salai | Pondicherry – 605001

FOR REGISTRATION:  Send Name, Cell Number and Address to pondy.art1@gmail.com

Documentary Photography is a form of photography used to record/chronicle specific important event or to send a message or make a statement through an image.

The good thing about Documentary photography is that one photograph can tell a whole story.

Documentary Photographers are our eyewitnesses with their observations of the world and its people. They use their knowledge, skills and trained eye to see the hidden messages in our societies and captures the moments of time for all of us to see, now and in the future.

  •  Introduction to Documentary photography
  • Importance of documentary/journalism photography
  • The photographs impact the world
  • Switch over from street photography to documentary photography
  • Great masters
  • Story telling/ styles / Break the rules
  • Media & opportunities

Senthil Kumaran: 

Senthil Kumaran was born in South India. After studying computer science, he worked as a software engineer in India. Meanwhile, his interests and passion in photography made him quit his job and start a career as a freelance Photographer.  His interests lie in documenting social and cultural issues. He has won more than 10 international awards that include UNESCO, Nat Geo, WWF, Pano, & Nature Image Awards.

In  2007 he received the “Geographical Photographer of the Year” award from Royal Geographic Society, London.

In 2005 he was Globally Nominated as one among the 114 young photographers for World Press Photo Joop Swart Master class, Netherland.

His Photographs has been appeared in Getty Images, Nat Geo, AFP, Terre Sauvage Magazine, City Magazine, Photo Life Magazine, Outdoor Photography, India Today, Business Today, Open Magazine, & Tehelka.  Senthil’s work has been exhibited in China, London, France, USA, Singapore, Cambodia, Geneva & Malaysia.

To see Senthil’s work:  http://trikayaphotos.com/photographers/4-Kumaran.S

Workshop presented as part of PONDY PHOTO 2014

For Full program details:  www.pondyphoto2014.com

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